14. Gutenberg 17.4


Some things like the year change, but the releases of the Gutenberg plugin continue at their relentless pace.

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Program transcript

Hello, I’m Javier Casares, and you’re listening to WordPress Podcast, bringing the weekly news from the WordPress Community.

You’ll find updates from January 1st to 7th, 2024.

One thing that, at least for now, doesn’t change, even though the year has, is the release of new versions of Gutenberg. And in this case, it’s Gutenberg 17.4 that brings us the updates.

In addition to dozens of improvements, we can highlight some interesting ones for the next version of the Editor, such as the Data View, which now includes the list of Templates and has removed the experimental tag.

Another significant enhancement for Phase 3 is the integration and pagination of revisions in the Style Book, which now includes all changes, whether the change is applied, and who and when made it.

Another feature that some were missing is the ability to have more control over the background images of blocks, now with size and repetition controls.

The List View, improving with each version, will now have a configuration menu accessible with the right-click of the mouse.

And, for those who have activated appearance tools in classic themes, support has been expanded to manage the palette and Duotone.

Some languages in the WordPress translations are duplicated.

In the list, we find languages such as Catalan, Dutch, English, French, German, Portuguese, or Serbian.

In each of the duplicated languages, mainly due to the presence of the same variant as both a variant and a separate language, or containing a formal and default version, the decision has been made to, in each case, hide some of these languages from the consistency tool lists.

Finally, this podcast is distributed under the EUPL license. For more information and links, please visit WordPress Podcast .org or follow the content, also, in Catalan, Spanish, and French.

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