24. GlotPress Supports PHP Files


The new version of the translation software now supports PHP translation files that will be integrated into WordPress 6.5.

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Hello, I’m Javier Casares, and you’re listening to WordPress Podcast, bringing the weekly news from the WordPress Community.

You’ll find updates from March 11th to 17th, 2024.

With WordPress 6.5 just around the corner, we have the Field Guide available, which explains all the technical, and not so technical, changes that this new version will include.

In summary, it’s reminded that the minimum MySQL version moves from 5.0 to 5.5.5, and the major additions to the new version such as the Interactivity API, Font Library, Blocks Bindings API, the viewScriptModule field, updates in the Blocks Hooks, performance improvements, or the unification between the Site Editor and the Post Editor. But it doesn’t stop there, as it also includes performance improvements for translations, AVIF support, and Plugin Dependencies.

It is expected that on Tuesday, March 26th, by the end of the day, this new version will be available for download.

Looking ahead to WordPress 6.6, some of the improvements that Gutenberg 17.9 brings include the configuration of color and typography in the global styles or the possibility of indenting a subitem of a list with the tab key.

On the Developer Blog, an entry has been released explaining how to register block variations via PHP, something that has normally been done with JavaScript and is now available, from WordPress 6.5, through this other system. However, a specific API is expected in future versions to achieve this natively.

The Test team has reminded that thanks to WordPress Playground, a copy of the future WordPress 6.5 can be launched in test mode. By default, the tests are launched with PHP 8.1 and the Test Reports plugin installed.

The Design team is working on some improvements such as the application of the new headers to the forum and pattern sites, improvements regarding justified texts, and various changes in the details panel and the Document Inspector.

The Polyglots team has released GlotPress 4.0, which, as has been announced in the beta versions, includes fixes for some locales, code fixes and adaptation to a minimum of PHP 7.4, and among some of its major novelties is the support for the new PHP file translation format or the plugin preview feature.

And after the conclusion of WordCamp Asia 2024, with 1,320 attendees and more than 6,300 connected to the online broadcast, WordCamp Asia 2025 is already being prepared, which will be in Manila, Philippines, in February.

But that’s not the only announcement. The State of the Word 2024 will be held on December 16th from Tokyo, the birthplace of the Wapuu (the WordPress event mascot).

And finally, this podcast is distributed under a Creative Commons license as a derivative version of the WordPress Podcast in Spanish; you can find all the links for more information at WordPress Podcast .org or follow the content in Catalan, Spanish, and French.

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