33. Blueprint Gallery


A gallery, acting as a directory, will allow you to create a WordPress site with configurations, content, and material for an instant demonstration with just one click.

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Hello, I’m Javier Casares, and you’re listening to WordPress Podcast, bringing the weekly news from the WordPress Community.

In this program, you’ll find the information from May 13th to 19th, 2024.

Sharing or discovering projects within the WordPress community is not always straightforward, although it may be now. Thanks to the Blueprint Gallerya directory of configurations supported by WordPress Playground, showcasing WordPress creations has been made easier.

This way not only simplifies how to display works created with the content management system, but it also promotes collaboration and inspiration among developers, designers, and all types of users.

The Blueprint Gallery allows users to upload and share their projects directly in a virtual, interactive environment, providing a functional preview of the projects without the need to install WordPress. Imagine being able to explore themes, plugins, or entire sites with just a few clicks, experiencing them as you would on a real installation.

However, the importance of this project goes beyond merely demonstrating projects. By centralizing and organizing the community’s creations, this platform acts as a directory of innovation and creativity, becoming a resource for both veterans and newcomers to the community.

This isn’t the only new feature of the week… the WordPress community has launched a new pilot project to test the content of an online course on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging. This course aims to raise awareness of the importance of creating an inclusive and equitable environment.

The course is divided into modules covering a variety of essential DEIB topics, providing participants with information and practical tools to implement these principles in WordPress projects. The launch of this course underscores WordPress’s ongoing commitment to inclusion and diversity within its global community.

Following the announcement from the Hosting team to create the WordPress Hosting Directory, there have been some doubts about information management raised by the review team.

The two main concerns are how the reviews would be conducted, publicly or privately, balancing privacy and sensitive data, with potential public conflicts; the second is the verification and conformity of the data, particularly the potential subjectivity in the information related to the community.

The Community team has published information about the financial health of the WordPress Community Support accounts, the company that manages WordPress events.

In 2023, $665,000 was raised from global sponsorship, with $342,000 awarded to local events and $404,000 in overhead costs, resulting in a loss of $148,000.

For 2024, $725,000 in sponsorships is expected, with $208,000 approved for grants and $400,000 for overhead costs.

There is an emphasis on being cautious when organizing and managing events, to sustain community activities, although most expenses go to Meetup.com.

And on Thursday, May 23, meetings will be held to plan the third edition of the Mentorship Program, which would take place alongside the launch of WordPress 6.7.

Many of the elements learned from the first two editions will be used, in addition to posing new challenges, such as on-demand mentorships.

From the Sustainability team, the Health Dashboards project is leading an initiative to assess the health of the WordPress project using tools like Bitergia Analytics, which analyzes software development and community interaction, offering detailed metrics on development activities and community engagement.

Its basic cost is $1,000 per month, with additional costs for custom integrations, so the project is also considering open-source tools and other proprietary options for better management and sustainability.

WordCamp Europe 2024 has received prestigious patronage from the European Parliament, highlighting the importance of the event.

This approval, granted by President Roberta Metsola, underscores the commitment to innovation and collaboration in the European community. The sponsorship not only elevates the event’s importance but also highlights the crucial role of WordPress in innovation.

And finally, this podcast is distributed under a Creative Commons license as a derivative version of the WordPress Podcast in Spanish; you can find all the links for more information at WordPress Podcast .org.

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